Green tea for Weight Loss

Green Tea Extract for Weight Loss: Get Rid Of Belly Fat

The antioxidant and polyphenolic profile of green tea extract has already made it an excellent beverage. It has long been hailed with several gree tea benefits to treating cardiovascular issues, hypertension, cancer, and liver damage. But green tea for weight loss is the new haul of the town. People are already raving that green tea extracts accelerate the fat-burning rate by boosting metabolic pathways for fat breakdown. 

Living in the present condition of a sedentary lifestyle, every one out of two people is prone to obesity. Thousands of people die each year since they have lost control over their weight, making them more susceptible to chronic illness. 

Various research has confirmed that green tea extract does help people lose weight after active consumption for 8-12 weeks. You can use green tea extract supplements also, such as Green Tea Extract by AllBe. 

To know how green tea extract helps lose weight, let's start with the following: does green tea burn fat?

Does Green Tea Extract Burn Calories?

Out of many other benefits of green tea extract, green tea helps the body eliminate all the accumulated bad fat from the belly or the visceral region. 

Thanks to all the antioxidant content present in green tea. 

One of the essential polyphenols in green tea, EGCG, is a metabolism booster that oxidizes the deposited fat.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition research, the oxidation rate was 17% higher in active green tea extract consumers. The effect of green tea extract on weight loss was further enhanced by pairing it with exercise. 

In combination, green tea extracts help manage body mass index and visceral circumference.

In addition, caffeine in green tea extract works as a  stimulant, thus enhancing athletic performance. It is why most active gym people consume green tea extract before exercise to enhance their performance plus boost energy.

How Does Green Tea Extract Help You Lose Weight?

Green tea extract helps you lose weight in several possible ways. All of them together help a person regain his health in all aspects. 

Green Tea Increases Fat Burning Rate in Exercise

Green tea has been used as an active fat-burning supplement by athletes during exercise. 

Various studies have rooted this effect in catechins, mostly epigallocatechin-3-gallate, known for its sympathetic nervous system-stimulated lipolysis. 

Researchers strongly believe that green tea extract consumption with moderate levels of exercise increases the lipolytic effect of green tea by many folds.   

Green tea helps the body use the deposited fat as an immediate energy deposit. 

Eases the Mobility of Fat Cells into the Bloodstream

For the active breakdown of fat, the fat deposit needs to become a part of the bloodstream. It means they first have to come out of the fat cell (adipose tissue)  

This process is aided by the synergetic effect of EGCG and caffeine, which stimulates noradrenaline release. Norepinephrine (noradrenaline) is a fat-burning hormone that accelerates fat consumption in the body. 

In short, due to the release of epinephrine, the release of fat becomes easy into the bloodstream, which is then taken up by the muscles for energy conversion. 

Green Tea Boosts Metabolism 

Metabolism is crucial for the breakdown of every consumed nutrient to become a part of the bloodstream. Metabolism is solely done to convert nutrients into energy whenever the body needs a feel. 

The EGCG in green tea extract increases the fat metabolic pathways up to the manifold.  A person who typically burns 3000 calories daily will burn 4-5% more calories than average in the case of green tea consumption.The fat cells get readily oxidized by releasing fat from the fat cells.

Removing Free Radicals

Green tea extract also has free radical scavenging potential, which is one reason green tea is effective for weight loss. 

They do so by neutralizing free radicals, thus protecting the body from all the harm they might cause to the body.

In addition to catechins, green tea extract is a source of vitamin C and selenium, known for its radical-scavenging capabilities.

Green Tea Helps the Body Get Rid of Bad Fat 

Accumulated trans fats and LDL has been associated with most chronic illnesses, such as heart attack. Therefore it is very much necessary to add supplements to help the body get rid of bad fat. 

The research has already stated that green tea is beneficial in regulating the blood lipid profile. Where green tea reduces the LDL levels in the blood, the catechin in green tea also increases the HDL (good fat) level necessary for body functioning. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best time to take green tea extract for weight loss? 

There is no exact time for it. Generally, it is considered best to be consumed after meals to enhance metabolism and before exercise to boost energy.

How much green tea should you take for weight loss? 

300-800 mg of green tea powder or extract is considered safe and effective to get the most out of it.

Is green tea safe?

It depends on the clinical health of a person. Green tea extract is safe for adults and children if a person is healthy. 


From regulating blood sugar levels to preventing the growth of tumor cells, green tea extract helps the body burn calories. It is very effective in eliminating all the bad and accumulated fat within the belly and other body parts. 

If consumed in moderation, i.e., 300-800 mg daily, green tea is considered safe and a healthy supplement. 





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