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Probiotics For Weight Loss: Fact or Fiction?

In recent years, various studies have undercovered the link between gut health and overall well-being. The probiotic-beneficial microorganisms that facilitate gut microbiota are central to this connection. 

These friendly bacteria swarming in our gut are emerging as a potential warrior against belly fat and weight loss. But how Probiotics for weight loss help us lose weight is yet to be explored.   

Let us delve into the intriguing weight loss journey with probiotics and understand how probiotics help weight loss and what bacteria help weight loss.

What Do Probiotics For Weight Loss Do For Belly Fat?

Probiotics living in the gut play a pivotal role in metabolic processes, including how our body utilizes fat. These friendly bacteria not only just manage the blood sugar level. But also regulates and responds to the release of hormones that make us feel hungry. 

Belly fat, aka visceral fat, is particularly problematic as it surrounds our vital organs and might affect their functionality resulting in health issues. Probiotics have shown weight loss benefits. But the question is how long does it take probiotics to work and reduce extra fat? 

Probiotics help to get rid of belly fat in the following ways: 

1- Limits Fat Absorption: 

Certain probiotic strains bind themself with the dietary fat molecules making them unabsorbable. This probiotic-fat molecule then gets excreted from the human body, thus making no difference. This potentially reduces the calories consumed in a diet, thus helping weight loss.  

2- Manages Appetite 

Probiotics are known for their appetite control influence as they regulate the release and production of satiety and hunger hormones, i.e., ghrelin and leptin. A regulated release of these hormones prevents overeating, a promoting factor behind weight gain. 

3- Regulating Blood Sugar Levels 

Probiotics also regulate insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels, which help manage cravings and overeating. 

4- Promotes Fat Expenditure 

Some researchers have come up with the belief that specific probiotic engineers the genes of fat metabolism resulting in increased fat burning for energy demands. 

5- Reducing inflammation  

Chronic inflammation is one leading promoter of weight gain and obesity, one prevalent cause behind frequent deaths. Probiotics systematically reduce inflammation by enhancing gut barrier functioning but limiting the entrance of harmful bacteria, which worsens inflammation. 

Which Probiotic Strains Contribute to Weight Loss? 

Each probiotic supplement has their characteristic health-promising capabilities. Therefore, it is necessary to remember that if you are looking for something weight loss, your probiotic choice needs to be concentrated on this. 

The two main weight loss probiotics belong to Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. 

The following are the best probiotics strains for belly fat: 

1- Lactobacillus gasseri

This magical strain has been found beneficial for weight loss managment. As per the study, lactobacillus gasseri helps to reduce belly fat, BMI, and subcutaneous fat within weeks. Its high dose in supplements also helps in managing visceral tissue fat. 

2- Lactobacillus rhamnosus 

It is known for its promising effect on gut health and weight managment. It has been found that Lactobacillus rhamnosus facilitates weight loss in women with low-calorie diets.  

3- Lactobacillus plantarum 

It has an appetite-controlling influence on the human body. It systematically regulates hunger-related hormones and creates a sense of fullness for a more extended period of time which is of great help in managing weight.  

4- Bifidobacterium bifidum 

One of the critical ways B. bifidum contributes to weight management is by maintaining the integrity of the intestinal barrier. A healthy gut barrier prevents harmful substances, like endotoxins, from escaping the intestines and entering the bloodstream, a phenomenon known as a 'leaky gut.' This makes B. bifidum the best probiotic for leaky gut. 

5- Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis  

Like other probiotic strains for weight loss, this strain also helps eliminate belly fat by regulating satiating hormones, insulin sensitivity, and fat metabolism. 

Menopause Probiotic Weight Loss

Menopause is the time of age in women when the body experiences large amounts of hormonal changes, which leads to weight gain, especially in the belly region. Probiotics food can help regulate hormonal imbalance during menopause or later ages, thus controlling weight gain. 

In addition, certain probiotics also increase the efficiency of the digestive system, which gets affected at later ages, helping the body process the nutrients much faster. 

In short, you can say probiotics in menopause fuel the body's metabolic system, so women gut reduced or no belly fat accumulation. 

Probiotics and Prebiotics for Weight Loss

Both probiotics and prebiotics supplements are used for weight loss. While probiotics have a gut-promoting effect, they need nourishment to retain this functionality. This is what prebiotics do for them; they are probiotics food. 

With their dietary sourced fiber, they feed our beneficial bacterial friends to perform their function at their best. So, without prebiotics, probiotics won't be able to perform well.  

By promoting the gut functionality of probiotics, prebiotics improves overall digestive health, including weight loss.

Probiotics Supplements for Weight Loss

Supplementing your body with probiotics is crucial to ensure your body receives the necessary microbe needed to retain the gut balance. These types of probiotic source you with strains connected to weight loss.    

ProbioCan-Powerpack for Weight Loss

ProbioCan is a scientifically designed wonder formulation for gut health and weight loss. It is considered one of the best probiotics for gut health and weight loss. It sources you with 11 different strains working to improve overall human health. This probiotic supplement is a vegan and GMP-certified formulation, which means it is a quality product packed with quality ingredients. 

How Quickly Do Probiotics Work for Weight Loss? 

The effect of probiotics on weight loss varies from person to person a site is influenced by several factors, which include: age, overall health, gender, unique composition, and diet. 

On average, it might take about 8-12 weeks to have evident results on belly fat. 

However, you must know the strain that will work best for your body fat or health condition. In addition, consistency is another key to getting fast results. 


Probiotics have been known for improving gut microbial balance, but they are equally beneficial for weight loss management. But you can only partially depend on probiotics for weight loss like ProbioCan 50 Billion. You must be conscious about your diet, lifestyle, and other practices, such as alcohol consumption and smoking, as they will lead you nowhere if not avoided. 

It is best to consult a healthcare professional before starting probiotics for weight loss, as it might result in intestinal microbial imbalance. 

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