Probiotic Overdose

Probiotics Overdose: Can You Take Too Many Probiotics a Day?

Probiotics are both naturally present or incorporated microorganisms in the human body. They are primarily ingested to promote gut health.

Naturally, our gut is a habitat for 40 trillion microbes. These microbes assist the gut in digesting food naturally. Then why does a human gut need probiotics despite having a population of 40 trillion microbial ecosystems? 

In addition, considering the population, how much probiotic would go best (safe) for the gut? Also, what is probiotic overdose, and how to manage it? 

These are the most common ambiguities related to probiotics you might have come across. To answer all this, you need to have a detailed understanding of how microbes work in probiotics

Since the gut is responsible for proper digestion, it is very vital to ensure it goes uninterrupted. It is here where probiotics make their way. 

Let’s dive deep into how probiotics work. What are probiotics? And what are the probiotic overdose symptoms?

What are Probiotics, and How Do They Work? 

Probiotics are a combination of certain bacterial and yeast strains. These microorganisms can be found both naturally in the body and externally administered. There are various available probiotic supplements; one best is ProBioCan 50 Billion which contains 7-viable strains, all meant for improved well-being. 

 You might have a prior notion that bacteria are only responsible for diseases. But it is not the case, as both good and bad bacteria exist. Probiotics are a combination of good bacteria that includes lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. To be called an effective probiotic, the infused strains must be isolated from humans and safe for consumption. 

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Talking about how probiotics work, these purposed microbes are designed to maintain a healthy balance in the microbial ecosystem. Even a slight over or underpopulation can have drastic effects. Therefore, probiotics act as a gut buffer. 

As the number of harmful bacteria increases, causing imbalance, good bacteria infused in probiotics fight back, thus alleviating severity and restoring balance. 

The probiotics have some effects similar to gastric supplements, such as Gastric Relief

Other functions of probiotics include: 

  • Increasing immune response. 
  • Improving vaginal health. 
  • It helps in the breakdown of medicines, thus facilitating their quick absorption. 
  • It also helps to produce vitamins needed by the body for other functioning. 

How Much is Probiotic Too Much Per Day? 

There is no way to gauge the precise amount of probiotics consumed daily. 

The concentration of probiotics is measured in CFUs (active colony-forming units of bacteria). Where one probiotic might contain billions of CFU per serving, others might have 1-10 million CFUs per serving. 

What could go best depends on the individual's health status. Therefore, the probiotic dose prescription is done and is recommended to be made by one's physician or a pediatrician. 

Probiotic Overdose: Is it a thing? 

Probiotic consumption is considered a safe option supported by enough medical research and expert opinions. There are no such cases of a probiotic overdose. It is quite a rare thing. Since most of our sources of probiotics are the things that we naturally consume in our daily life, which includes; 

  • Yogurt
  • Coffee 
  • Fermented food 

They have a history of safe use, mainly in healthy people, as no aggressive symptoms have been recorded. But it is still a subject understudy to ensure the effectiveness and safety of probiotic consumption. The harmful effects are mostly recorded in people with compromised health or previous illness because their immune systems are ineffective. Therefore, the prescription of probiotics to a health-compromised person should be made by their respective physician considering their present health. It also applies to mothers who are expecting or breastfeeding. 

In such cases, the most evident symptoms of probiotic overdose include: 

  • Bloating
  • Gas 
  • Nauseous feeling 
  • Infections 
  • Formation of resistance against antibiotics
  • Gut microbial imbalance 

Probiotic overdose, is it a thing

How to Avoid Probiotic Overdose? 

As stated, the researchers haven’t developed an optimized one-fits-all dose yet. Therefore, to avoid probiotic overdose, it is best that you take them under your physician's recommendations. 

In addition to this, the quality of strains added to the probiotics varies under each brand. For one with compromised quality strains,  it is recommended to take certified and authentic brands dealing with quality products. 

How to deal with probiotics overdose? 

Some published public health guidelines must be followed on probiotic consumption to prevent probiotic overdose of probiotic overdose management. People with some health conditions should ensure doctors have referred them to probiotics.  

Last but not least, if you notice some evident symptom or an allergic reaction, alter your strain under your doctor's prescription. 

Can you take too many probiotics with antibiotics? 

Antibiotics are consumed when your body gets attacked by harmful bacteria. In fighting back the bad bacteria, the good bacteria also get killed. Most people develop conditions like diarrhea or overpopulated Clostridium Bifidobacterium inside the gut due to antibiotics. There have been some cases where people get relieved of specific effects of antibiotics on probiotic consumption. But it only works for some.  

So we can not say you can not consume probiotics with antibiotics since no harm is recorded.  The idea of restoring good bacteria lost in antibiotic consumption can be taken as a positive effect. 

can you take too much probiotic

Are Probiotics Effective?

A great deal of research is underway to prove the effectiveness of probiotics. Despite recording so many promising aspects of probiotics in different health conditions, researchers still believe they should develop a solid and one-fit-all response and research in this regard. Since the study of probiotic overdose symptoms is still underway, we have various proven cases of probiotics being lifesavers. 

To enlist a few promising effectiveness of probiotics: 

  • They help treat antibiotic-induced diarrhea,  especially one due to Clostridium difficile.
  • They are often referred by the physician to a cancer patient while having cancer treatment sessions to help alleviate diarrhea associated with the aftereffects of chemotherapy. 
  • It also helps treat sepsis, a chain-triggered infection in infants. 
  • They also aid in restoring vaginal bacterial balance in case of yeast-triggered vaginal infections. 
  • Probiotics work great to treat lactose intolerance. 
  • Probiotics also help treat extreme constipation, thus regulating bowel function. 

Are probiotics safe for children? 

Yes, probiotics are considered safe for children's consumption. Most pediatricians believe that a certain amount of probiotics must be administered to a child each day to ensure a balanced gut microbial flora. 

Instead of giving them chemically infused probiotics, consuming good bacteria via a daily diet is a much safer and healthier alternative. You can add yogurt and cottage cheese (fermented diet) to your kid’s lunch, sourcing the needed good microbe. 

There are various proven cases of probiotics relieving eczema, diarrhea, constipation, and acid reflux in children. Now pediatricians have also come up with the idea of customized probiotic supplements for each kid depending on their needs and health concerns. It has further limited the side effects which were commonly evident. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can too many probiotics cause a yeast infection? 

It is very rare. If your body’s microbial flora is already overpopulated and you have been taking probiotics actively, then it might be a case, not frequent, that you might have caught an infection. In this case, you need to reconsider the idea of probiotics by having your gut microbial ecosystem checked. 

Can too much probiotics cause constipation? 

It is, again, a very rare case since the research has supported the fact that probiotics are promising in relieving constipation. However, it depends on the quality of the  strain used in probiotic formulations. 


With a deep understanding of how probiotics work, we have concluded that probiotics overdose is not an ordinary case. Generally speaking, it is safe for healthy and young adults. Gut Health supplements are promising for gut health and functioning if taken in moderation, but they can also be life-threatening if the person is already ill or has a chronic ailment. To avoid overdose symptoms such as nausea, headache, or amine rise in the body, it is very important to take probiotics after a dietitian’s prescription.  

In short, probiotic consumption is an excellent way to go if you have good health. 

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